• Traveling atomizer – sprayer
    Traveling atomizer – sprayer
    Traveling atomizer – sprayer

Traveling atomizer – sprayer with large propeller

Atomizer sprayer with large propeller Ø800mm.
Adjustable blades (fan).
Carriers guns are made of stainless steel, which prevents corrosion.
The brass cannon, with the possibility of tweaking the corner splash.
Equipped with two ceramic nozzles that can be easily changed if necessary and antidrop system.

Traveling atomizer – sprayer

Primary purpose is to protect plantation crops, vineyards, orchards and planted hops. The atomizer enables the best-quality protection since the mixture of water with the protection means is brought to the leaf in the form of extremely tiny particles. To break or atomize liquid into tiny particles may be reached in two ways:

-Via the high pressure pump when the liquid is let under the pressure through the nozzles and broken into tiny drops.
- The tiny drops are further broken into even tinier particles influenced by the air current produced by a fan.

Traveling atomizers are carried by a tractor, which, through the PTO drive shaft drives the pump and a fan impeller.
All the types of atomizers possess membrane pumps and hydropneumatic mixer continually mixing the liquid throughout work. A special regulator continually regulates the work pressure.

It is equipped with an adjustable atomizer. All the elements getting in touch with the protective means are made of good-quality materials resistant to oil and chemicals.

Reservoir: plastic
Pump: two-membrane, capacity 70l/min, pressure 20 bars
Fan: axial type, capacity 30000m3/h, exit compressed air velocity 35m/s.